TOA launches the MX-6224D, Digital Mixer Amplifier.

June 29, 2016


Kobe Japan, June 2016 - Audio specialist manufacturer, TOA announces the release of the MX-6224D, the new digital mixer amplifier.


The number of mosques around the world is rapidly increasing however there are very few sound systems that can match their complex needs, as well as their tight budget. TOA have created the MX-6224D, an affordable digital mixer amplifier, specifically to cater for medium and small mosques.

The MX-6224D is a reliable and simple system, needing very little technical knowledge to operate, yet still maintains exceptional sound quality. The features that make up this incredible and simple system include:

  • 2 x 240Watt Digital Amplifier, allowing internal and external zones
  • The 3 band EQ, available on all six mic inputs allows users to easily find preferable sound quality without the technical experience other EQ bands require.
  • Three microphone inputs have increased sensitivity to 6dB allowing the speaker freedom to move around the mic.
  • Built in dual digital amplifiers and Digital Mixer with DSP, designed with state of the art TOA technology. This provides exceptional sound quality.
  • The hardware is simply designed and compactly installed. An optional remote controller RC-03 is also available, to allow for even easier operation. This connects using a CAT5 cable.
  • Loudspeakers are less vulnerable to damage thanks to a digital high pass filter and compressor.
  • A built in speaker EQ, optimized for TOA’s BS-1030 & TC-631M, reduces acoustic feedback and ensures more intelligible sound.
  • A built in effector, realizing celestial sound in even small buildings, where lack of natural reverberation needs to be compensated for.