Utilizing digital technology to enhance the value TOA offers

TANIGUCHI Masahiro, TOA President, CEO

Since our start in manufacturing carbon microphones in 1934, TOA has expanded its businesses to encompass emergency broadcast systems, announcement broadcast systems, and other professional audio equipment as well as network equipment and video equipment such as security and surveillance cameras. This expansion has made it possible for us to celebrate our 90th anniversary this year, and as such, I would like to thank our stakeholders once again for their continued support over the years. And as with the last nine decades, we remain dedicated to providing the values of reassurance, reliability, and emotion—values that are close to the hearts of our customers—as we strive to establish ourselves as an indispensable part of society toward our 100th anniversary and beyond.

To achieve this goal, we are currently turning our focus toward utilizing AI and other digital technologies to improve the value we provide our customers. For example, such technology can be used to analyze on-site conditions using images from surveillance cameras, and automatically deliver useful announcements such as public alerts and measures for easing congestion. We also introduced keyword-based sample broadcast sentence suggestions using AI in the beta version of the YUTTE service, which allows users to easily create announcements. We also want to utilize digital transformation (DX) to not only streamline operations but also open the door to previously unthinkable possibilities.

TOA is also sponsoring Expo 2025 as a Bronze Partner of Expo Site Operation Participation. For the event, we will provide an integrated system that connects broadcast equipment installed in the pavilions and other venues using network connectivity to reliably transmit emergency evacuation instructions, heat stroke risk alerts, and other urgent information. Viewing the Expo site as a City of the Future, we look forward to using the event as an opportunity to create and transmit new forms of transmission information and communication, and to adapt these ideas to the society of tomorrow.

TANIGUCHI Masahiro, TOA President, CEO