TOA Launches Dante-enabled digital mixing system.

June 11, 2015


Kobe Japan, June 2015 – Audio specialist manufacturer, TOA Corporation announces that the award winning D-2000 digital mixer is now compatible using Dante™ digital audio networking.


The TOA D-2000 series is a unique all-in-one digital mixing system that combines the functions of an auto mixing, matrix switching, and signal processing. While the system’s table-mounted remote console unit boasts an exceptionally small footprint, the D-2000 can be expanded to comprise up to four rack processing units for a total of up to 128 audio inputs and outputs.

With the new Q-2008SPD model using Dante™, the main unit of the D-2000 compatibility means that the processing modules can be connected to a LAN for remote operation with exceptional transmission quality with near zero latency between another Q-2008SPD and any other Dante compatible devices, while the D-2000 also provides interfaces directly with any other GUI software so that it can be smoothly integrated into multimedia conferencing and presentation systems. A wide range of input, output and control modules is available for each rack-mount processing unit, including mono or stereo analogue microphone inputs, analogue and digital inputs and outputs, and VCA modules for connection to an optional VCA control unit.

TOA Corporation has always stood for application-driven technology and this product is no exception. The launch of the Q-2008SPD reflects the increasing need for sophisticated audio matrixing and processing that requires networking in venues with single or multiple rooms such as auditoriums, sports facilities, municipal and corporate conference facilities, hotels and fitness clubs.


*For more information about Q-2008SPD, please consult your nearest TOA sales representatives.