Public Notice to Owners of TOA's "Paging Horn Speaker"

June 01, 2010


Jun 1st 2010 - TOA, Japan, today announced that it will conduct a voluntary replacement of the following listed "Paging Horn Speaker Series" products.

We have found that in the Paging Horn Speaker System Series, there are some products considered at risk of the crack on the mounting bracket, attached to the speaker body, causing the body coming apart from the bracket and being suspended in mid-air by the speaker cable. There is also additional risk of the speaker body falling to the ground by the disconnection of the said cable.
We will replace the products in question in an orderly manner if they shall fall into the below products list and are in use by customers.

We recommend all customers to cross-check the products with the list and inform accordingly the product retailer. For those customers who are unknown of the place of purchase, please refer to our website "TOA World Wide" for appropriate product dealer and supplier for more information.

List of products in question: 16 products in the Paging Horn Speaker Series

Product number Lot number Manufacture date
SC-610, SC-610M, SC-610 EU
SC-615, SC-615M, SC-615T
SC-615 EU, SC-615M EU
08B∗∗—08K∗∗ Feb. 2008 to Nov. 2008
SC-610T 08F∗∗ Jun. 2008
SC-610M EU 08B∗∗—08L∗∗ Feb. 2008 to Dec. 2008
SC-610M Q9016, SC-630T 08I∗∗ Sep. 2008
SC-630, SC-630M 08I∗∗—08K∗∗ Sep. 2008 to Nov. 2008
SC-630 EU 08H∗∗ Aug. 2008
SC-630M EU 08H∗∗—08J∗∗ Aug. 2008 to Oct. 2008
  • Note1: Please check first three letters from the left of the lot number.
  • Note2: Please disregard numerical portion (∗∗) of the lot number.
  • Note3: First two letters from the left indicate the year, the following alphabet indicates month (A=January ---L=December). Ex: 08A is January 2008.

Example by SC-615

Location of the lot number