TOA Participates in “terminal.0 HANEDA”, a Research and Development Base at Haneda Airport in Japan

December 18, 2023


TOA Corporation (Headquarters: Kobe; President, CEO: TANIGUCHI Masahiro) participates in “terminal.0 HANEDA,” a new initiative by Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. (location: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President and COO: YOKOTA Nobuaki).

Illustration of terminal.0 HANEDA
Illustration of “terminal.0 HANEDA”

The “terminal.0 HANEDA“ is going to open on Febrary 28th 2024 at HANEDA INNOVATION CITY as a research and development base facility that aims to create a more convenient and stress-free Haneda Airport by tackling airport challenges through cross-industry collaboration.

Going forward, TOA will conduct research, development, and demonstration experiments aimed at creating convenient and comfortable communication solutions for airport facilities. Through co-creation with other participating companies, TOA will contribute to enhancing the value of Haneda Airport for the next era.