Comment on Our Cultural Activities

Inspiration and empathy.
Contributing to society through
various artistic and cultural

TOA leverages the technologies and in-house resources it has developed as a specialized manufacturer of commercial audio and video systems to support a large number of events, cultural and artistic activities, and local sports promotion projects that are embraced across the generations.
Regarding activities planned in-house, we have developed a distinctive program of mécénat activities, including hands-on workshops focusing on the theme of “music and education” at our own facility, Xebec Hall. For the children in whose hands our future lies, we continue to conduct activities to demonstrate the joy and excitement of music, and the pleasure of engaging in creative pursuits with their friends.
TOA will continue to contribute to realizing a prosperous civil society through “music and video.”


“Mécénat” is a French word that refers to corporate support for the arts.
Corporate mécénat activities are activities that companies conduct as part of their social contribution efforts to support culture and the arts in their role as corporate citizens, not for direct economic benefits but from a long-term perspective.