Comment on Our Environmental Activities

TOA’s Environmental Philosophy

Here at TOA, we recognize that preserving the global environment is an important management issue, and throughout our business activities, all our employees take proactive steps to preserve the environment.

Environmental policy
  • The main business activities taking place at “Knowledge Square” include technological development, product development, and design, and we accurately grasp the impact that these activities have on the environment. At the same time, we establish environmental objectives and targets, to the extent that they are technologically and economically feasible, while working systematically and continuously to improve our environmental preservation efforts.
  • When developing technology, and developing and designing our products, we focus on reducing environmental impacts and use of hazardous chemical substances at each stage of the process, from production to distribution, use, and disposal. We also focus on reducing environmental impacts at various stages, including distribution, use, and disposal, when implementing changes to improve our existing products.
  • We have established an environmental preservation system to promote activities aimed at preserving and improving the environment, and preventing pollution, in an economical, effective, and continuous manner.
  • As a member of the local community, we play an active role in promoting resource and energy conservation, and reducing industrial waste.
  • While complying with the various environmental laws, regulations, and agreements, we also establish our own regulations as necessary in an effort to preserve the environment.
  • We endeavor to provide environmental training and publicize our environmental activities, enhancing understanding and awareness of our Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policy among all our employees.
  • As necessary, we disclose our environmentally friendly technology and products, along with the implementation status of our environmental management activities.