Code of Corporate Ethics

TOA Group Code of Corporate Ethics


The TOA Group Code of Corporate Ethics has been formulated as action guidelines for the implementation of our management philosophy.
From the perspective of corporate ethics, the code stipulates the fundamental way of thinking and acting that all our directors, executive officers and employees are expected to observe.

Code of Corporate Ethics

1. Operate in a fair and trustworthy manner

  1. Each of us is aware that we are building the TOA brand and acts with pride and a sense of responsibility as a member of the TOA Group.
  2. We earn society’s trust by complying with domestic and foreign laws and ordinances, and articles of incorporation, and by engaging in fair and sensible business activities that accord with social norms and corporate ethics.
  3. When entertaining or exchanging gifts with persons such as business associates, we comply with laws, ordinances, and company regulations, and behave sensibly in a manner that conforms with social etiquette and norms.
  4. We adopt a resolute stance towards organized crime and groups that threaten the order and safety of civil society and refuse to have any dealings whatsoever with such criminal groups and individuals.

2. Boost customer satisfaction

  1. We gain an accurate grasp of needs from the customer’s perspective and satisfy them with quality products and services that offer high added value.
  2. We listen to customer feedback and endeavor to gain a swift understanding of our customer's requirements to develop products and improve services accordingly.
  3. We prioritize quality and endeavor to provide safe, reliable products and services that satisfy our customers.
  4. If a safety issue arises with regard to a product or service, we promptly ascertain the situation, analyze the facts, and take appropriate action.

3. Engage in sound corporate activities

  1. We deal fairly and impartially with all business partners, in good faith, and based on high moral values.
  2. Our business activities are based on fair, transparent, free competition, and seek profits in order to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

4. Disclose and safeguard information in an appropriate manner

  1. We implement strict management of confidential administrative information, and personal information, and the like concerning parties such as our customers, business partners, and employees, and we prevent any leaks of such information.
  2. We do not engage in insider trading that utilizes unreleased inside information.
  3. We disclose information regarding our financial reports, business operations, and the like in a fact-based, timely and appropriate manner worthy of the trust placed in us by our stakeholders.

5. Respect human rights and develop human resources

  1. We do not discriminate unfairly against anyone on grounds such as race, gender, nationality, religion, or any kind of disability.
  2. We eliminate any form of harassment that poisons the work environment. We create an open environment where employees can engage in active communication.
  3. We carry out objective and impartial assessments based on performance and ability,and develop highly diverse and specialized human resources.

6. Contribute to environmental conservation

  1. We pay due forethought to environmental conservation in all our corporate activities, such as development, design, procurement, production, and marketing.
  2. We comply with environmental laws, regulations, agreements, and the like. We also establish in-house regulations when necessary, and endeavor to conserve the environment.
  3. As corporate citizens, we endeavor to conserve and improve the global environment in ways that are not confined to our corporate activities.

7. Contribute to society in a harmonious manner

  1. We respect the culture and customs etc. of each country and region, and we help local communities to flourish by engaging in business activities rooted in the local area.
  2. As corporate citizens, we encourage and support activities aimed at social progress and the resolution of social issues.