Let’s Learn About TOA

Let’s Learn About TOA

This will explain to you in simple terms just what kind of company TOA is.


TOA’s Corporate Values

Smiles for the Public


By providing not simply satisfaction but reassurance, reliability and emotion, we can bring smiles to people’s faces. Our company aims to make this vision into a reality throughout society.


Peace of Mind in Your Daily Life

Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal
Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal

Our Market Share in the Japanese Airport Market

Overcoming the barriers of language and conveying all the necessary information accurately

Airport passenger announcement broadcast system

The international airport terminal is the gateway to the sky. Precisely because it is a place where many people of diverse nationalities come and go, an infrastructure for conveying information accurately and reliably is critical. Our “airport passenger announcement broadcast system” with its multilingual capabilities allows for announcements about flight information, emergencies and the like to be made in a variety of languages, which makes for a more comfortable travel experience and smoother airport management.

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TOA’s Strengths

Audio Notification Capabilities

With audio notification capabilities as our core competence, we provide the values of reassurance, reliability and emotion to society.

Peace of Mind in Your Daily Life

Ensuring Safety in an Emergency


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Ensuring Safety in an Emergency

TOA's Goal - Disaster reduction to protect lives from all kinds of disasters

Horn Array Speakers
Horn Array Speakers (Koto Ward, Tokyo)

Protecting life by warning of danger faster

Wide-area anti-disaster broadcast system

We provide systems that transmit sound over a wide range so that warnings of coming danger can be heard by everyone be they outdoors or inside. To list just two examples, we have our “Horn Array Speakers” that can convey sound more than twice that of traditional models and our “IP-Based Notification Systems” that are used for simultaneous broadcast from, for example, a city hall to the various municipal facilities under its watch. Systems like these contribute, with the sound they convey, to disaster reduction and prevention.

Business Domains

Public Safety

In the realm of “Public Safety,” in order to allow people to spend their daily lives with peace of mind, we endeavor to protect as many people as possible from natural disasters, crime, accidents, and other public dangers, working to provide solutions that will help achieve security and safety in society.

Public Communication

In the realm of “Public Communication,” in order to build trust among people in everyday life, we overcome disparities of time, space, language and age, offering solutions for more convenient, more comfortable social communication.

Public Space Design

In the realm of “Public Space Design,” toward the goal of stirring people’s hearts and emotions, from everyday small pleasures to extraordinary experiences, we provide solutions that achieve the kind of spatial performance capable of enriching people's minds.


TOA’s solution business

Value to Society

  • Continued safety and comfortable living through the use of technology and ideas

Value to Users

  • Reliable service through continued understanding of current issues
  • Continued delivery of stronger proposals and products

Value to Partners

  • Consistent supply of value-added products that meet the needs of both users and partners

Value to Consolidated TOA Group

  • Thorough understanding of customer issues for creation of products with greater value
  • Increased revenue through in-demand services and system renewal requests

The TOA Group is dedicated to promoting its solution business through three domains in an effort to provide new value to society that is easily recognizable by our customers.


Net Sales

Operating Profit

Profit Attributable to Owners of Parent

Growth Engines

Disaster Reduction & Prevention

Natural Disasters That Cannot Be Avoided

In recent years the world has been shaken by many large-scale natural disasters including earthquakes and tsunami, torrential rains and volcanic eruptions. Japan is expected, with a high probability, to experience a massive earthquake in the Nankai Trough in the near future, which could cause up to 330,000 deaths. Against this backdrop, disaster reduction and prevention are growing ever more important.

Sound That Protects People From Natural Disasters

When a disaster occurs, sound-based guidance plays an incredibly important role in protecting people’s safety. TOA has, since its founding, sincerely striven to use its sound technologies to achieve disaster reduction and prevention, protecting people’s lives and minimizing the damage caused by these disasters. These technologies include a broadcast system that can connect quickly to all facilities in a network and broadcast equipment to convey a clear sound over great distances and warn people of danger. TOA’s technology is widely sought after by those working in the field to reduce and prevent disasters.

Using Audio and Visual Technology to Achieve a Safe and Secure Society

TOA’s security cameras are always on the lookout to prevent crimes and accidents all across town. Our company has surpassed the limits of what a security camera was able to do in the past, increasing the range of surveillance and providing sound alarm and announcement functionality. These new features are in line with TOA’s goal of creating a safer and more secure society.

High-Performance Speakers for Use in Outdoor Announcements

High-Performance Speakers for Use in Outdoor Announcements

IP-Based Notification System

IP-Based Notification System

Outdoor Dome Camera Integrated Recorder

Outdoor Dome Camera Integrated Recorder

Social Contributions

Supporting the promotion of sports, culture and the arts, in both our home city of Kobe and elsewhere.

Contributing with our original audio technology

Kobe Marathon

The Kobe Marathon is famous for the enthusiastic cheers of the supports on the sidelines. At the starting line, the 20,000+ runners were given the signal to start the marathon by high-performance TOA speakers.

Introducing music to children

TOA Music Workshop

This children’s educational program allows the kids to enjoy music and dance with professional musicians. We send them out to elementary schools all over Japan, providing children with a fun and liberating environment in which to express themselves.

Bringing disaster prevention closer to children

Puppet play “The Lookouts of KanKan Tower"

Human society is full of sounds that warn of imminent danger. When you hear an unusual sound you cock your ears and act appropriately. In order to convey the importance of listening to the next generation, we created this puppet show for kids.