IR Policy

1. Basic IR policy

TOA Corporation (TOA) strives to ensure fair, timely and clear disclosure of information about TOA's financial results, financial position, and future vision so that TOA's shareholders, investors, and the general public can have a good understanding of TOA's management and business activities and have confidence in TOA.

2. Basis for information disclosure


TOA's disclosure is in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan and the timely disclosure rules of the exchanges on which TOA is listed. In addition to statutory disclosure, TOA strives to proactively disclose information in a fair and timely manner that is considered to be necessary for the shareholders and investors in order to deepen their understanding of TOA.

3. Disclosure method

TOA discloses the information subject to the timely disclosure rules on the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and on the TOA website. In addition, TOA discloses information that is not subject to the timely disclosure rules by means of press releases and on the TOA website. If you wish to have access to all the information disclosed by TOA, you are advised to use TDnet and other sources in addition to the TOA website.

4. Forward-looking statements

Information disclosed by TOA may include forward-looking statements that are projections based on the information currently available. Actual results may be materially different from these statements owing to changes in the economic situation and other factors. TOA strives to improve the accuracy of forecasts and discloses information as necessary if forecasts are to be changed.

5. Quiet period

In order to prevent unauthorized release of earnings information and to ensure fairness, TOA refrains from IR activities during the period from the day following each quarterly period-end to the date on which financial results for the given period are announced. During these quiet periods, TOA refrains from responding to questions about or commenting on the forecasts of financial results. However, if it is likely that financial results will greatly differ from the publicly announced forecasts, TOA will make an announcement.


The TOA website is not for the purpose of soliciting investment in TOA. You are requested to make your own judgment regarding any decision on investment.

Although TOA exercises due care about the accuracy of information on the TOA website, TOA does not guarantee and shall not be held liable or responsible for the accuracy of any information on the TOA website.